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COMIDAMED - products tailored to your needs:

  • Persons with Phenylketonuria, Tyrosinaemia, Maple Sirup Urine Disease, Organic Acidaemia, Homocystinura, Urea Cycle Disorder, Glutaric Aciduria and Leucinaemia
  • Infants and children with milk allergy and multiple food allergies
  • Infants and children with renal failure and dialysis patients
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The composition of all COMIDAMED products receives special attention and priority. Consequently, and in order to improve and serve the health of our customers and patients, the food chemists and food specialists at  Dr. Schär  AG are permanently working on the development of new products and on optimising current formulations.

Also, we constantly work on optimising the sensory properties of our products, thus ensuring diet compliance.
Through frequent contact with physicians, clinics, and patients, we are able to take into consideration their feedback and suggestions in product development.

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The transfer of all newly developed products into technical scale for production is a task of utmost importance, and Dr. Schär AG is substantially investing in production technology.
Long-term experience as well as an excellent know-how of our food technologists and production personnel guarantee a production according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.

This in terms of a constant product quality, which also positively influences diet compliance when using COMIDAMED products.

comidamed Gesunder Lebensstart

A healthy start into life

The team at Dr. Schär AG focus its attention on a newborn`s start into a healthy life. Neonatal screening is the most important prerequisite to detecting metabolic defects and disorders. However, this subsequently requires providing a special diet based on an amino acids mixture for the age group 0-1 years for the newborn patient, i.e. PKU, MSUD, etc.

For the sake of your child`s health!

100% German quality you can rely on

All COMIDAMED products are developed and made in Germany.

COMIDAMED-Sortiment in Deutschland entwickelt und hergestellt

New EU infant legislation

New EU infant legislation: important information


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