Dr. Schär AG (formerly comidaMed® – Institut für Ernährung GmbH) specialises in the development, production and marketing of innovative dietetic food for special medical purposes, including products for the treatment of patients with inborn errors of metabolism, food allergies as well as protein intolerances, and other illnesses requiring a special diet.

Dr. Schär has over 30 years of experience supporting those with special dietary needs by offering a broad range of delicious and innovative products and services to improve patients quality of life. The takeover of COMIDAMED has laid the scientific and technical foundation for Dr. Schär in the field of medical Nutrition.

Dr. Schär AG is a team of food chemists, food scientists, food technologists and nutritionists.
Close contact with doctors, hospitals and patients ensures quality and first-hand knowledge, making Dr. Schär Medical Nutrition a valued partner for costumers far beyond Germany. The interaction of science and technology allows ideas and concepts be turned into new and innovative products at the modern manufacturing plant located at Rosbach near Frankfurt am Main in the centre of Germany.

The production plants apply the highest technical standards and observe GMP guidelines, with the raw materials selected for highest quality Standards.

The products of Dr. Schär AG thus meet the highest international quality standards and are recognised worldwide on account of their excellent quality, composition, taste, and ease of preparation.


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Dr. Schär Deutschland GmbH 

Dieselstrasse 23
61191 Rosbach v. d. H. · DE

Tel. +49 6003 9117 23
Hotline DE: 0800 153 153-3
Hotline AT: 0800 500 144




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