Galacto Start

Food for special medical purposes
For the dietary management of infants and children with
glucose-galactose intolerance

Definition and Indication:
Galacto Start is a formula for the dietary management glucose-galactose intolerance in infancy. It consists of cow´s milk protein, carbohydrates (fructose), fat and is supplemented with vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Dosage and application:

Galacto Start can be given as a sole source of nutrition for infants only or as supplementary food for children and adults. The daily amount of Galacto Start depends on age, body weight and individual medical condition of the patient. The dose of Galacto Start is to be monitored and adjusted by a
physician regularly.


Standard dilution: 13 g Galacto Start + 90 ml water =
100 ml preperation (1 level scoop = approx. 4,3 g).

Bottle feeding:
Pour required volume of hot previously boiled water (cooled down to 50°C) into a feeding bottle.
Add measured amount of Galacto Start, close the bottle and shake well until the powder dissolves.
Before feeding, ensure that the formula is at the correct temperature by placing a few drops at the inside of your wrist. Prepare bottle-food always fresh and discard unfinished feeds.

For children older than 1 year of age, Galacto Start can be made up as a sip feed:
Stir the prescripted amount of Galacto Start with a small amount of the required water with a fork until a smooth paste is obtained. Subsequently add the rest of the water while stirring.

Please watch dental care, starting with baby’s first teeth, especially before bedtime.

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