Special Diets/Nutrition

COMIDAMED offers various special products for infants and toddlers for the special in the case of food allergies.

Cow milk allergy is one of the most prevalent allergies in childhood. Owing to this fact, COMIDAMED's special products are completely free from cow milk protein or hydrolysates containing milk-based raw materials.

When you observe symptoms such as gastrointestinal conditions, flushed skin, skin irritation, or irritation of the respiratory tract, you should immediate seek medical advice from your pediatrician.

COMIDAMED special products can help your child in case of allergies:

For dietary treatment of infants and children with renal failure and dialysis patients:

For the dietary management of infants and children with glucose-galactose intolerance:

For the dietary management of a wide range of conditions where a high energy, low fluid, low electrolyte diet is required:

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